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Rezoning Information

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 Current Rezonings

Assigned Ordinance Number and Name

Ordinance 2016-08 Dairy Farm Road/Tokeena Area Rezoning 

Ordinance 2016-26

Burns Mill Road Area Rezoning

Date of Presentation to County Council

August 16. 2016

 September 20, 2016


Scheduled for Planning Commission Review on September 19, 2016

 Notification of Adjacent Property Owners Ongoing

General Description

Citizen-initiated proposal to rezone 175 primarily agricultural parcels in Southern Oconee out of the CFD into the AD; and one commercial parcel out of the CFD into the CCD

 Property owner requests parcel in Traditional Rural Dist. to be rezoned into Community Commercial Dist.

Date of Public Hearing

  To Be Scheduled

 To Be Scheduled

 Links to Documents


Map of Proposed DF-Tokeena Rezoning

Agricultural District Standards

Notice to Property Owners

Notice to Adjacent Property Owners

Follow-up Notice to Ag District Property Owners

Follow-up Notice to CC District Property Owners

Planning Commission Agenda


Map of Proposed Rezoning

Notice to Adjacent Property Owners 

Link to Zoning Standards



General Zoning Information

Zoning Enabling Ordinance   Offical County Zoning Map

Frequently Asked Questions Booklet

In May 2009, Oconee County successfully implemented a citizen-initiated zoning enabling ordinance (ZEO). All land within the county is zoned in the Control Free District (CFD) until rezonings are requested by local citizens. The zoning program outlined in the ordinance allows citizens to request initial rezonings to any of thirteen other base zoning districts, defining their proposed zoning boundaries by either the "planning district method" or the "small area method". The small area method can either be defined as groups of contiguous tax parcels that total 200 acres or more or be defined by the boundaries of one or more platted subdivisions. The ordinance also grants authority to the County Council to rezone any or all parcels, by the county-initiated method.

The nineteen planning districts in the county follow the fire district boundaries. Over time, as the majority of citizens in the various parts of the unincorporated areas of Oconee County desire it, the program will increasingly provide the protection and management offered by more traditional zoning regulations.


Search individual parcel zoning with

GIS Parcel Viewer     -Only applicable in Oconee County jurisdiction

Directions: Follow the link above then; either click the button in the upper left hand corner that says "Find a Parcel" then enter the TMS number with dashes, once the number pops up look for "+" beside the number, click it and scroll down for attributes, OR use the icon that looks like a magnifying glass to zoom to the parcel in question then use the letter "i" in circle to identify the parcel and click the downward pointing triangle to revel attributes.

Once you have found your parcel view the attributes of the parcel and scroll down to the "Zoning" classification and match the corresponding abbreviation with those listed below to determine the standards for the parcel in question.

Matrix of Base Zoning Districts

  • Conservation District:  CD
  • Rural Residential District:  RRD
  • Agricultural District:  AD
  • Traditional Rural District:  TRD
  • Residential District: RD
  • Lake Residential District:  LRD
  • Community Commercial: CCD
  • Highway Commercial District:  HCD
  • Industrial District:  ID
  • Agricultural Residential District: ARD
  • Public and Recreational Lands District: PRLD
  • Mixed Use District: MUD
  • Planned Development District: PDD


All parcels in Oconee County are zoned Control Free (CFD) until rezoned through one of the three rezoning methods outlined in the ZEO.  The use of parcels in the CFD is not limited; however, applicable zoning overlay standards, adopted performance standards, codes, and other county-enforced rules and regulations must be met.

Overlay Districts

What are overlay districts?

  • Special areas in which additional standards 'overlay' existing zoning districts.
  • Standards impose more or less stringent limits on activities within the boundaries than may be found outside of the overlay area.
  • Overlay districts are not separate zoning districts.
  • Overlay districts do not coincide with the boundaries of any given zoning district.

Overlay Districts

  • Lake Keoweee/Jocassee Overlay District- boundary is measured 750 feet from the full pond contours of Lake Keowee (800 MSL) and Lake Jocassee (1110 MSL).  Special density, building height limits, and a 25-foot undisturbed buffer requirement are imposed, according to Section 38-11.0 of Article XI of the Oconee County Zoning Enabling Ordinance.  Only the portion of a parcel which lies within the overlay area is encumbered by the overlay requirements.  This overlay area is intended to protect water quality, maintain the natural beauty, and limit any negative impacts of development around the lake.  All parcels impacted by this overlay are listed in the Lake Front Parcels document.

  • I-85 Overlay District- an area consisting of the Carolina Gateway, Fair Play Village, and Cleveland Creek subdistricts, in which special design, density, and land use restrictions are applied.  The intent of the restrictions is to promote sustainable development and marketability while maintaining the original character and lifestyle of the area.  Building codes for all non-residential uses, excluding agriculture, still apply, as defined by Appendix A of the Zoning Enabling Ordinance.

Other Information

Zoning Brochure
Vegetative Buffer Brochure

Application(s) for Rezoning Request

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