Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Official Website for Oconee County

Board of Zoning Appeals (Current Members)

Vacant - District 5

Ms. Gwen Fowler - District 2

Mr. Bill Gilster - District 3

Mr. Marshall McKee - District 4

Mr. Allen Medford - District 1

Mr. Josh Lusk - At Large

Mr. Charles Morgan - At Large

Click Here for a Copy of the Board's Rules of Procedure


Planning Comission (Current Members)

Frankie Pearson - District 4

Alex Vassey - District 3

Andy Gramling - District 2

Brad Kisker - District 1

Stacy Lyles - District 5

Mike Johnson- At large

Gwendolyn C. McPhail - At Large

 Click Here for a Copy of the Commission's Rules of Procedure


Commission Priorities for 2017

a.       Complete Review/Update of the Comprehensive Plan

b.      Complete the review of Chapter 32 and Chapter 38 of Oconee’s Code of Ordinances

c.       Work to facilitate increased Recycling

d.      Define Appalachian Rustic Elegance design concept

e.      Develop and implement policies recommended under Destination Oconee


In October 2013, the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor released the Comprehensive Management, Branding and Marketing Strategy for South Carolina's Nation Scenic Byways.  CLICK HERE  to access the plan. 

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