Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Official Website for Oconee County



P e r m i t t i n g   v i a

Access to:

- Administrative Appeals,

- Mobile Home Set-up Permits,

- Building Permits,

- Plan Review Uploading,

- Encroachment Permits,

- Plat Approvals,

- FoIA Requests,

- Special Exceptions,

- Inspection Requests,

- Subdivision Reviews,

- Land Use Permits,

- Variances,

- Mobile Home Moving Permits,

- Zoning Permits, and more,


...all online at Citizenserve.




Geographic Information Systems

Search for Flood Hazard locations, Planning Districts,
Zoning, and more, by parcel address or TMS Number.

CLICK HERE for the link to Oconee County's GIS Department Website, and to search the GIS Maps



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